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Memory Exercise


During this exercise :
  • Click on two white squares. Two images will appear.
  • If the images are different, they will turn red and disappear. If they are identical, they will turn green and stay visible.
Number of pairs to discover:

How to excel in this exercise

I suggest using the method of loci described in the first memory exercise in the way described below.

Click on the square on the top left corner of the grid. Associate the image that appears to the first milestone in the virtual walk.

Then click on the next image on the right-hand side, associating it to the next milestone in the virtual walk. And so on from left to right, up to down, as when you are reading a book.

When you discover an image that you memorized previously, you must at the same time:
  • memorize at which milestone in the walk you were before seeing this image.
  • redo the walk in your head to remember which position you saw the same image at previously. Click on this position to make the image appear a second time.

Then you must continue walking from the milestone at which you had stopped, starting just after the second appearance of the image.

  • you clicked the tenth square, in which an umbrella appears. You remember that you have seen an umbrella earlier.
  • you do not associate this tenth square (the second umbrella) to any milestone in the walk, because the umbrella was already associated to a milestone.
  • you must memorize the fact that before clicking on this tenth square you reached the post office in the virtual walk.
  • you redo the walk from the beginning in your head: you point to each square from the beginning, associating each square with a milestone in the walk, and each milestone to an image.
  • once you arrive at the milestone linked to an umbrella, click on it.
  • then go to the eleventh square (the one after the second image of an umbrella), starting at the milestone just after the post office.

This exercise is more difficult than the previous one, as you have to remember not only the association with the path but also at which milestone you last stopped. You need also to remember that the image you see was already associated with a milestone. But if you exercise regularly, you will get better and better at this.
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