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Memory Exercise


During this exercise :
  • A series of numbers will appear. Remember as many as you can.
  • When ready type on Ready. The numbers will disappear.
  • Enter the digits you remember and click on Verify.
Enter how long we show the chunk in milliseconds:1500
Enter how long we hide the chunk in milliseconds (time to give your answer):
Enter a string length:

How to excel in this exercise

I suggest using the method of loci described in the first memory exercise, but in a different way.

Associating a number to a milestone in the walk is difficult. Instead, use an intermediate step: associate each number between 0 and 9 to something.
You will use this same association each time you will have to remember a number. Then, instead of associating directly the number to a milestone, you associate to the milestone what you previously associated to the number.

Example of number association:
  • 0 : nothing, lousy
  • 1 : best, formula 1 or sport champion, country president
  • 2 : a couple
  • 3 : the three musketiers
  • 4 : everything related to a car (car has four wheels)
  • 5 : a hand ( a hand has five fingers )
  • 6 : tennis (number of games in a set)
  • 7 : the magnificent seven, or the seven year itch, or seven year in tibet
  • 8 : race (circuit in form of 8)
  • 9 : person shaking hand (lower part of a 9 looks like a hand, upper part like a head).

Example : remember 223445 (it is a small number, but this example will help you understand the technique). In this example, I am using my virtual path. You will have to do the same with your virtual path.
  • 2 is associated with a couple. First milestone in the walk is a house. You must associate the house with a couple: imagine a couple living in their home.
  • 2 is associated with a couple. Second milestone is a bar. You must associate the bar with a couple: imagine a couple on a date in the bar, having a drink together.
  • 3 is associated with the three musketiers. Third milestone is a supermarket. You must associate the three musketiers with a supermarket: imagine the three musketiers lost their spade and trying to find cheap ones in the supermarket. Imagining the surprise of the supermarket employee when he see musketiers asking them where they can find spades.
  • 4 is associated with a car. Fourth milestone is a school. You must associate the school with a car: imagine arriving at your school driving a Ferrari.

This technique is a bit far fetch for a small number like 223445, but can help you remembering huge numbers once you master it.
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